Don’t have the down payment to buy a lot?

All it takes is $500 to get started.

Then make interest free payments for 14 months and you’re on your way to ownership.

It’s a great way to take advantage of our low, low prices!

Now that prices are way down, you want to buy that beautiful piece of land. But times are tight and you can’t come up with the down payment. No worries!

The Land Layaway Club is the answer.

For only $500, you can secure the land you want at today’s discounted price, and you have 14 months to come up with the 20% down payment on the purchase.

Interest Free Layaway Payments!

The layaway payments are INTEREST FREE, and the remaining balance, once the layaway payments are made, will be financed over 10 years at an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 18%.

For example…

Let’s say the land you want is $17,000 and you lay it away for $500. At that time, the land is taken off the market. Then you would make 14 monthly installments of $207.14 to complete the 20% deposit ($3,400).

After that, you can use the land to build, hunt, fish, camp – whatever you please. Then you will begin to make your monthly payments.

Land Layaway Club membership is $250.00 – a one-time fee to be part of this exciting Land Club!

If you need time to raise money from maturing CDs, tax refunds or other sources, the Land Layaway Club lets you buy now and lock in low prices with no prepayment penalties.

TO JOIN…Search this site to find the land of your dreams.. then contact us to begin.

Call Peter at 561.367.9529 or email or email: